Become a SUPER trainer
Launch your own online fitness platform. Lead your clients to great results smarter!
Successfully finished workouts via Bodynator
Activate Your Superpower
By using Bodynator you'll be able to increase your check, retain more customers and get new ones
Custom Branded Telegram Bot
A convenient way to run workouts and take notes. Forget about spreadsheets and PDF files
Feasible Fitness Challenges
Acquire more clients and lead them to fast results by running challenges
Workout Plan Builder
It's never been so easy to create and update workout plans for each of your clients
Deliver workouts in a modern way
with help of our super convenient workout plan builder in Telegram

Supersets and dropsets

Combine exercises with each other for better results

Circular workouts

Create circuit workouts for home and gym. Exercises will follow each other

Recommended weights and reps

Update exercise weights before each workout. Your trainee will see them right during training

Your custom videos

Use short videos to demonstrate and long videos to explain the technique


How a trainee feels after exercise or how difficult it was

Fitness Journal
The entire training history of all of your clients is always at hand. You will see rest time between sets, tonnage and other useful data
Spend no time on video recording
Bodynator provides a ready-made exercise library. Use more than 150 exercises with high-quality animations to create your own workout plans faster.
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Get more clients by running a Fitness Challenge
Why clients purchase trainer's services after participating in challenges built on Bodynator? It's simple:

  1. No sign-up required, just open a link with a challenge in Telegram
  2. Bodynator reminds participants do not skip training days
  3. Bodynator makes an offer that can not be refused at the end of the challenge

Pump up your brand and get even more loyal customers
— We will develop a Telegram bot specially for your business
— It will include your name, photo, exercises, and so on
— Your customers will never know about us :)
Loved by fitness professionals
Plans that fits your business
Get 1-month free trial and up to 4 free weeks for each involved trainee
Paying Annually
Paying Monthly
$16 /mo.
  • Up to 5 active clients
Get Started for Free
$75 /mo.
Get Started for Free
$20 /mo.
  • Up to 5 active clients
Get Started for Free
$90 /mo.
  • Up to 50 active clients
  • Fitness challenges
Get Started for Free
— I have a lot of training data, will it be difficult to transfer everything to Bodynator?

— It won't be a problem. Our team will help you transfer all data in 1 day
— Will I be able to switch a tariff after payment?

— Yes, at any time you can change the tariff, the changes will take effect from the next month, the difference will be credited to the date of the new tariff
— Do you charge my clients?

— No, we do not charge any additional payments other than the cost of the subscription
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